Eastern Dunes

My dearest friends, and all those pretending to be.. – To those with winning eggs: Happy Easter! – To those with cracked eggs: Ace Hardware has a discounted “Arab EasterEggs”, guaranteed to smash the enemy eggs. – To the rest: If you’ve recently converted to Christianity, contact me for your Easter Wishes! Here is your greeting card: http://view.greetings.yahoo.com/greet/view?XE3MQHEIVQVYF Customarily (that’s for you, Helen!), this is Episode 2 of “Firo’s  Life in the Desert”. I have learned a whole lot more about Sand Dunes, Land Cruisers, Nissan Patrol (aha! new name! new competitor for the  Land Cruiser) and Mitsubishi Pajero (you’ll … Continue readingEastern Dunes