Technological Marvels of the 3rd Kind

Hmm.. OK let’s see.. A tool that allows me to blog directly from my laptop, even offline, or through my mobile phone.. why not! I thank God every day for the marvels of technology.. Who is God? That’s for another post. But I do thank him or her or it. Technology pays my rent, buys me new things, flies me to places, and feeds my hunger. It also lets me stay alive, happy, fulfilled and motivated. How did people do it before technology existed? That’s also for another post!

Thoughts and Lessons

It would be absolutely pointless if I went through so many years of life, got so many brain-teasing thoughts, and learned so many new lessons, but failed to share any of them with the world.. Isn’t the whole point of civilization to pass knowledge to your successors? I decided to share my thoughts with this world, and frankly, this won’t come as a surprise to many, since I often share my thoughts quite loudly and prominently to everyone.. I guess I just decided to use the pretty tools of technology which I am absolutely and totally submerged in and surrounded … Continue readingThoughts and Lessons