Eastern Dunes

My dearest friends, and all those pretending to be.. – To those with winning eggs: Happy Easter! – To those with cracked eggs: Ace Hardware has a discounted “Arab EasterEggs”, guaranteed to smash the enemy eggs. – To the rest: If you’ve recently converted to Christianity, contact me for your Easter Wishes! Here is your greeting card: http://view.greetings.yahoo.com/greet/view?XE3MQHEIVQVYF Customarily (that’s for you, Helen!), this is Episode 2 of “Firo’s  Life in the Desert”. I have learned a whole lot more about Sand Dunes, Land Cruisers, Nissan Patrol (aha! new name! new competitor for the  Land Cruiser) and Mitsubishi Pajero (you’ll … Continue readingEastern Dunes

Holiday Thoughts

Hey all, It’s me again.. this time from the deep deserts of Qatar in the Arabian Gulf. No, I am not plotting an attack over any country (yet), I am on a peace mission to rescue the Qatari Land Cruisers from quicksands. In case you don’t know who this is, keep reading or buy some Ginseng for your memory. Firo is the american slang term for Firas, the IBM voodoo doll of the Sahara. It’s been over a month that I left beautiful San Francisco to move with IBM to Doha City in Qatar. I’ll just say that it is … Continue readingHoliday Thoughts