Technological Marvels of the 3rd Kind

Hmm.. OK let’s see.. A tool that allows me to blog directly from my laptop, even offline, or through my mobile phone.. why not!

I thank God every day for the marvels of technology.. Who is God? That’s for another post. But I do thank him or her or it. Technology pays my rent, buys me new things, flies me to places, and feeds my hunger. It also lets me stay alive, happy, fulfilled and motivated.

How did people do it before technology existed? That’s also for another post!

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  1. Happy birthday, bro! Glad to see you are still the same Firo. I about fell out of my chair when I read your tagline “… we actually DO something!”

    Too funny!

    Still with the ‘desk, an Architect, survived another rif. Take care, man.

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